WINNIPEG: Book Launch at McNally Robinson

Dec 03, 2018

Book Launch in WINNIPEG, MB.

Join me, Tuesday, December 4 at 7:00 pm 

McNally Robinson | 1120 Grant Ave

Join me in the McNally Robinson atrium where I'll be sharing stories from my book, a few tunes and some laughs.

Be sure to bring your copy of Making Sense of Mindfulness for me to sign or pick up a copy (or two) on site.

PS they make an excellent holiday gift and I'll be there to help you personalize!

This is a non-ticketed event. See you Tuesday night.

Love, Keith

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Where to buy Making Sense of Mindfulness

Dec 03, 2018

Where to Buy: Making Sense of Mindfulness


You can purchase direct from my online store OR any of the websites listed on the order page.

In Person:

The following locations keep Making Sense of Mindfulness on their shelves. The copies are often signed by me, Keith Macpherson! If you require multiple copies or a bulk order please call ahead to avoid disappointment or connect with me direct. 


Tergesens - 82 1 Ave


Pineridge Hollow67086 Heatherdale Road


Chocolatier Constance Popp - 180 Provencher

Float Calm Winnipeg - 337C Pembina

McNally Robinson Booksellers - 1120 Grant Ave

Radiance Gifts - 7-875 Corydon


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Making Sense of Mindfulness: Morgan James Publishing Launch

Nov 04, 2018

As you may have heard, my new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness, is releasing in book stores this week!

Many people have asked how they can help, thank you!

Here are 3 ways to show your support this week:

1. On release day (Thursday) you can buy a copy of my book from any bookstore (online or in-person).  Or if you have a pre-release copy, post a review of it!

2. Help me get the buzz going: On Thursday, Nov 8 at 2:00 pm CST, my publisher, Morgan James Publishing, is hosting a free online launch party featuring me along with some other amazing authors and I need you to register.

We’ll be giving away links to all our books to everyone who attends, as well as a bunch of freebies! Register for the party (and hopefully come to it!)?
I know time zones can be confusing and that everyone is busy so don’t worry if you can’t be there live. Register anyway and you’ll get a recording.

Be a part of my Virtual Book Launch Party and register right here: ...

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Practice Love On

Oct 18, 2018

My friend Dave is one of the most positive and innovative people I know. I often joke his blood type is "Be Positive". Dave is someone who truly lights up any room he walks in by his positive spirit and presence. Around the time I was working on the writing of my new album, Shine, I was having a conversation with Dave and asked him what he was up to? He told me he was on his way to a family dinner to “love on” his uncle. Little did I know this would lead to one of the album tracks on the new release.


Up until this point I had never heard of the practice “love on”. After my conversation with Dave I learned that “love on” is a common tradition in his family, whereby each family member gets honoured on their birthday and/or special occasions by having a dinner in their honour and affirmed that they are unique, special, and loved.


As I write this, I am also reminded of a few winters ago when my family gathered together to celebrate the...

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Pre-Order Making Sense of Mindfulness

Oct 11, 2018

Learn five principals to integrate mindfulness practice into your daily life in my new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness.

Help make this book a best seller and pre-order a copy on Amazon and ChaptersIndigo today! 

Official release date late November 2018. 

Mindfulness has become a major buzzword in culture today, and yet very few people understand what this word actually means and how to integrate this practice into their daily lives. In a world filled with noise and distractions―including cell phones, millions of advertisements, and increasing pressure to do more, be more, get more, and make more―it is no wonder there is an alarming increase of anxiety and depression cases reported. 

Making Sense of Mindfulness can help you learn the tools you need to counter the external pressures of daily life and provide you with steps on how to create the life that you want.

Love, Keith

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Back to Balance: Live Mind-Fully Aware

Oct 06, 2018

The transition of going back to school and work can sometimes be challenging in that many of us fall out of balance. Our routines tend to shift during the summer months and we find ourselves eating different kinds of food, going to bed later, and generally disconnecting from the business that tends to dominate our lives during the year.

I find that coaching clients come back to coaching sessions in the fall and are looking for ways to get back into balance and create new, healthy patterns for themselves.

As we fall into the new season before us, I would like to suggest that integrating a mindfulness practice is one of the best foundations we have available to us to navigate these transitional times.

Consider that now is the moment of power. It is the present moment that is alive and real within us. When we race off into patterns of over-thinking about the past or what’s to come in the future, we literally disconnect from our intuitive wisdom that is available to us in the here...

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Advanced Copies Of My New Book Have Arrived

Apr 05, 2018

One of the highlights of last week was helping Chris unload 2500 advance copies of my new book, Making Sense of Mindfulness off of his Purolator truck into my garage. My new book is now available and ready to ship! Order your copy today!

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Putting Myself Out There

Feb 20, 2018

Where is your “out there?” What are you dreaming about seeing come into fruition in your life? What is it that pulls at your heart strings and is a must happen in your life?

Have you ever noticed that what you are thinking about right now and on a regular basis is shaping what is going to show up in your life? If you are giving all of your energy to a past hurt or unforgiven memory from the past, guess what? This is taking up your present and future energy. Life is too short to not step into the ring and truly take action towards our life purpose. It is time to live the life we have only dreamed about living.

I write this on the eve of making a cold call to a woman I have yet to meet but could potentially play a major role in my life. Tomorrow marks the day that I am going to pick up the phone and finally call Vicki. Vicki is a behind the scenes creator who produced PBS Specials for one of my mentors Wayne Dyer. I watched every single one of these specials and was...

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The Power of Presence

Feb 12, 2018

It has been said that when a butterfly flaps it’s wings, it’s presence is felt thousands of miles away. If this is the affect that such a tiny creature can have on the world, imagine what our affect happens to be on the planet.

Last night I found myself teaching a yoga class at my home studio, Moksha Yoga Kildonan. I shared a story at the beginning of the class about an experience I had earlier in the week. I was playing music for a seniors group called Staying Young. This seniors group meets regularly to share in music and fellowship with th intention of staying young and connected. It is a beautiful group of people and I have come to hold a very special place in my heart for these sweet humans. On this particular day that I found myself at the Staying Young event, I performed an hour of songs and shared some stories with the group. Early on in my set, I watched one of the regular women arrive in her wheelchair. As she entered the room, without her saying a word, I...

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The Gift of Vulnerability

Jan 23, 2018

I recently had a friend ask me how I was doing and I made the decision to share my actual truth with them. I shared that I was struggling with some painful sadness. I had been re-visiting some of the past mistakes that I had made in my life and was working on forgiving myself for them. As I shared this truth I felt my eyes welling up and a slight feeling of embarrassment come over me. My internal dialogue went something like this…”You! Mistakes? You don’t make mistakes! You are not supposed to be sharing this right now! You are being a burden and this is going to make you look like a complete failure”. I felt a heaviness in my chest and a redness wash over my cheeks. I was truly embarrassed for sharing my vulnerable truth.

 Despite all the internal chatter and embarrassment that I was feeling, I was quite surprised to hear the response from my friend, who told me that it was refreshing to hear that I too, make mistakes and am not...

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