Your Intuition

connection intuition Nov 14, 2019

Your intuition wants to support you fully on your journey through this life experience. If you want to believe this truth but have been struggling to connect… read on and find out how you can strengthen your intuition.

Last week I was in Calgary speaking for The Good Life Fitness Leadership Summit. I had a few days off to visit my family in town and especially pay tribute to my grandma who recently made her transition into eternity.

I was sadly unable to attend my grandma’s official memorial service because I was traveling abroad. Last week, I understood more clearly why.

I was woken up by an inner whisper that suggested I go for a morning jog to the graveyard where my grandparents now rest. I immediately got up and started jogging.

The air was cool and there was a gentle breeze tingling against my skin. About 20 mins later I arrived at the graveyard. I realized I did not know exactly where my grandparents were buried.

I began to walk the site and became very aware...

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Raise The Bar

intuition reflection Apr 08, 2019

Writing from 30,000 feet above the Oregon coast while having spent two days studying at a coach camp with author and coach, Robert Holden.

It was a very beautiful weekend full of seeing and being seen for who we truly are. I had a chance to reflect on what my “one big thing” is in life and what is most important to me.

After several exercises and meditation practices, I am reminded that my one big thing to remember is that I am unconditional love. When I remember that I am unconditional love, not only do I feel complete peace within me, but I also see love everywhere I go an in everyone I meet. 

Following the training, I met up with some friends for dinner. On my way out of the hotel, I quickly went to turn off the bathroom light and accidentally knocked my arm against the bar that holds up the towels. The bar dropped to the floor with a loud THUD. 

As I reflected on what the bar dropping to the floor meant to me, I kept hearing an inner whisper say...

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Back to Balance: Live Mind-Fully Aware

The transition of going back to school and work can sometimes be challenging in that many of us fall out of balance. Our routines tend to shift during the summer months and we find ourselves eating different kinds of food, going to bed later, and generally disconnecting from the business that tends to dominate our lives during the year.

I find that coaching clients come back to coaching sessions in the fall and are looking for ways to get back into balance and create new, healthy patterns for themselves.

As we fall into the new season before us, I would like to suggest that integrating a mindfulness practice is one of the best foundations we have available to us to navigate these transitional times.

Consider that now is the moment of power. It is the present moment that is alive and real within us. When we race off into patterns of over-thinking about the past or what’s to come in the future, we literally disconnect from our intuitive wisdom that is available to us in the here...

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