About Keith Macpherson

Keith Macpherson is a Canadian mindfulness coach, speaker and author who has taught thousands of people the practice of going inward to create transformative breakthroughs that will lead to their best lives.

His 2018 bestselling book, Making Sense of Mindfulness - 5 Principles to Integrate Mindfulness Practice into Your Daily Life, is described as both a practical framework and a work of literary brilliance that guides the reader to give birth to an open mind and learn to be present in each moment.

For over 20 years, Keith has been sought after to energize diverse audiences across Canada, The United States, Mexico, Africa, Dubai, and Great Britain. 

He received his certified coach designation (CPCC) through The Co-Active Training Institute and is a certified leadership coach with The Leadership Circle. 

Inspired as a student and teacher of ancient Hawaiian healing and spiritual practices, Keith is also a certified yoga instructor.

He was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, toured internationally as a professional musician and in 2006, became a top finalist on the hit television series Canadian Idol

Keith’s global vision is to multiply his work in mental and spiritual health through training programs that reach international communities around the world.

"Keith is a creative and impactful yoga teacher, which I find very impressive. He has this wonderful way of making people feel heard, while at the same time sharing information that is profound and accessible. He has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease and always creates an environment for transformation to take place. Keith shines bright in our community and beyond as an inspirational leader and his yoga classes and live lectures are events that I feel everyone should experience regularly."

Ted Grand
Co-Founder of Moksha Yoga International

"Keith Macpherson is an incredibly inspiring leader who is empowering people to live their best life. His dynamic personality and charisma shine through whether he is telling a story, playing a song or instructing a yoga class. I have had the opportunity to see Keith work with our audience, leaving them deeply inspired, transformed and ready to make the world a better place."

Kelly Jones
The Human Rights Commission of Manitoba

"Working with Keith has been both healing and transformational. He has the ability to hold a safe and nonjudgmental space for exploring what limits and inspires me. Using his unique skill set as a coach, Keith has helped me to access emotional, physical and spiritual pathways to better navigate my life’s journey."

Personal Coaching Client

"Keith is an extremely skilled life coach and has been a huge inspiration and motivator in my life. He is not one to tell you what to do through advice, rather he is a master at opening your mind to new ways of thinking about your choices. He guides you to discover what you truly need from within yourself and holds you accountable for taking the steps required to accomplish your goals."

Personal Coaching Client

"I have had the pleasure of working with Keith Macpherson for a number of years as he has presented at several of our GoodLife Fitness Health and Wellness Leadership Summits across the country. Keith is a professional in every sense of the word and a fantastic person! His presentations are authentic, engaging, inspiring and consistently deliver value that often exceeds the expectations of his audience. He has a special ability to present the topic of mindfulness in a way that equips leaders with practical tools to inspire the best versions of themselves and their workplaces! "

Joseph Khoja
Manager, Good Life Fitness Health and Wellness Summit

"Keith's fresh, fun, dynamic delivery style and sense of humour kept us totally engaged. We went away with simple tools to help us gain an increased sense of focus, to realize improved awareness on how to be more mindful and to practically utilize this in our daily lives. Most of all - how important “Jumping out of the Jar” is!"

Janet Hill
SVP, Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc.

"Keith’s message inspires us all to live our best life. He is truly a voice to connect with - whether singing or speaking. He is a voice of hope for our country and world."

Tim Sullivan
Director of Publicity, Dr. Oz Show, NBC

"His (Keith) infectious personality allows him to connect with those both young and old, and through his music, humour and storytelling he has a wonderful ability to encourage people to come together as one to change the world."

Craig Keilburger
Co-Founder of We

"Keith is a force... A true Rock Star. Keith and I first met with music being the connector. No matter the size of the audience, Keith connects. He connects with his song writing, his musicality, his passion and his heart. Keith believes in the power of relationship. And he loves you enough to say what needs to be said. That is more than a life coach... that is a true friend. Personal energy and inspiration combined with overflowing love and leadership. Keith. Is. Amazing"

Dave Jaworski
Author, Microsoft Secrets

"Keith’s key note was a unique blend of an important message with inspiring music. Keith’s performance provided a nice close for attendees – filling them with another piece to take away from the conference around their own self-care. "

Carolyn Tees
Director of Business Development, Canadian Red Cross

"Keith is truly one of the most genuine, generous, and divinely connected souls I know. His message of oneness is one he not only speaks to and writes about; it’s one he embraces, embodies, and teaches through his living, shining example every single day."

Rob Mack
Happiness Coach, Author And Expert seen on E's Famously Single!

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