Come home to yourself

Create a life of meaning through the powerful practice of mindfulness


Do you ever feel stuck?

As though everyone else is being guided by something more?

Sometimes it can seem as though everyone else is being guided by this higher power. Meanwhile, you’re feeling… 

Stuck with figuring out who you are. Stuck with stress and anxiety pushing you into a rut. Stuck with how you’re even meant to begin this journey. 

You’re not alone. I’ve been there too.

Feeling so ready to create a life that feels purposeful. But distracted by every notification, every request, and every doubting voice that says “you can’t do this”.

Nobody is immune to those distractions. But what you can do, is learn to manage them.

What if you could connect to your deeper meaning and start pursuing your dreams?

How would you feel?

Your days would feel natural, purposeful and instinctive.


...waking up each morning feeling calm and loved, as you look forward to the day ahead.

...spending your time focused on things that feel true to you, soaking up every magical moment.

...and entering each evening with a sense of ease, you’re in tune with something higher. You’ve come home to yourself.

Right now mindfulness might seem like an intimidating concept to you

Where do you start? How do you even begin to bring mindfulness into your day?
Really, mindfulness is just a practice. A practice of paying attention in the present moment. Meanwhile, you’re feeling… 
It’s a case of tuning in and connecting with your higher self.
You don’t need any special tools or private meditation space to get started.
All you need is you, and your mind.
Mindfulness is an act of kindness, an acknowledgement of your truth and a connection to your inner peace.

You might have already downloaded the apps, read the books and tried to start a mindfulness practice yourself (and then tried again)

But there’s nothing like having someone to lead you through it

As a bestselling author with my book Making Sense of Mindfulness, I’ve been on the mindfulness journey myself. And it’s one that I continue to travel on every single day.
I’ve seen just how much those daily rituals can transform my own life and work and I’m focused on making this as accessible as possible for you.
Sure, I’m a singer (and once a sound technician for Ed Sheeran!) and I can’t resist a good performance. But more than that, I know how mindfulness can change everything for you. So, we’re making it approachable and fun.

Welcome to
Making Sense of Mindfulness

Where you’ll retune your compass and come home to your true self

With a warm and welcoming guide walking alongside you, every step of the journey

Making Sense of Mindfulness is the online program designed to help you create a mindfulness practice that will help you stay accountable. 

It’s here to help you dream your best dream, and then make it true.

Over the course, you’ll...

  • Make sense of the practice of mindfulness and discover how it can be used to create a deeper more meaningful life
  • Build a habit of mindfulness through the mindfulness method, a proven five-step framework created to help you weave the practice of mindfulness into your daily life.
  • Move away from self-doubt, and welcome in your higher self
  • Bid busy goodbye, and learn how to soak up the present moment instead
  • Free yourself from the blocks that have been holding you back from living your true purpose

Come home to yourself

"Keith has created a truly transformative experience with the Making Sense of Mindfulness course!

Before the course, I knew just how challenging it could be to return to the present moment and focus on all of the joy and opportunity around us. Especially in these uncertain, and sometimes difficult, times.

By working through the course modules, I’ve learned how to connect to my higher self with ease. Keith has such a warm and inviting presence, and the simple yet powerful lessons taught in his course are sure to lift your spirit and provide you with the tools you need to tap into the inner peace and wisdom that have always been right inside of you.


The Making Sense of Mindfulness Course

Get instant access to the 5 key principles of mindfulness, and start finding balance as soon as you join.

You’ll get...

  • 5 life-changing mindfulness modules covering the mindfulness method
  • Over 30 video lessons
  • Over 15 guided audio practices
  • An on-demand meditation audio library
  • An intuitive workbook, to help you put the lessons to practice in your own life
  • Practical exercises and prompts to help you dive deeper into your inner truth
  • Proven strategies to help you see a change from day one
  • Tools and techniques to apply in daily life
  • Lifetime access, so you can take the course again and again, and access any future updates
  • 12-month on-demand yoga library pass

And more priceless bonuses!


You’re welcome to discover the course at your own pace, though I recommend allowing a 5-week period where you work through one module per week. This will enable you to fully absorb, digest and implement each learning.

"This is a very caring series that truly shows how this has made Keith who he is today.

It offers an open opportunity for others to follow and find out for themselves what life could be like if they add mindfulness to their lives.


Let’s take a walk through the program


Welcome Practice

Whenever I start something new, I take a moment to center myself. And that’s exactly what we’ll do here.

I’ll guide you through a short anchoring meditation practice to help you relax before we begin our journey.

Module 0: The Foundation of Mindfulness

Like all good journeys, we begin with a walk.

I’ll be walking alongside you as you discover the foundations of mindfulness and the power of this daily practice. This will prepare you for the following modules, which each cover a principle of the mindfulness method.

Module 1: Everything Begins as an Inner Dream

  • Discover the power of your inner dreams
  • Learn how to answer the question “what’s your dream?
  • Experience what it means to inner dream by taking a visit to your inner garden

Module 2: Expose the Saboteur

  • Learn what’s getting in the way of turning your inner dreams into your outer reality
  • Explore how the saboteur shows up in your own life and how you can use the power of your mind to control it
  • Discover a unique concept to expose your saboteur and move away from the limits of self-doubt

Module 3: Open Your Mind

  • Explore the belief that anything is possible
  • Learn how to anchor yourself to the present moment and stay rooted in the now
  • Discover how to be mindful of your thoughts and rewrite your stories of fear

Module 4: Live MindFULLY Aware

  • Learn how to slow down, tune into your intuition, and listen to your inner wisdom
  • Find your ‘good place’, where you can always find inner peace
  • Learn how to come into balance through a daily mindfulness practice

Module 5: I AM

  • Discover the power of the phrase “I am” and how words can shape our reality
  • Explore how you can reframe the messages you send to your unconscious mind
  • Learn how to use intention to create a more meaningful abundant life

15+ Guided Mindfulness Practices and Visualizations

Woven through each module you’ll find over 30 video lessons and over 15 guided audio practices. These guided practices are designed to help you to start implementing each lesson right away.
As one participant told me, Making Sense of Mindfulness has “all the tools you need to tap into the inner wisdom that’s always been right inside of you”.

Intuitive Program Workbook

The program workbook is by your side as you wander along your mindfulness journey.
It’s there to act as a guide to each lesson and a home for your reflections, and to help you dive deeper into each principle of mindfulness.


On-demand Meditation Audio Library

You’ll also have access to the on-demand meditation library, with the option of using the mobile app. So you have the support to tune in with your higher self through powerful meditations, no matter where you are.

12-Month Access - On-demand Yoga Class Library

Value $180

Powerful things can happen when your mind and body align. As a qualified yoga teacher, I’ll be leading you through each on-demand yoga class. We’ll connect breath awareness and body movement to create a heightened sense of mind, body and spirit.

"As a person who has been on a spiritual path for over 40 years and who has reviewed numerous spiritual books, I would like to say that Keith MacPherson's program, "Making Sense of Mindfulness," is exceptionally well put together.

It incorporates many spiritual concepts that will make your life more interesting and enjoyable as you become more mindful of your present state of being.


Everything is happening perfectly on time.
Now is your moment of power and come home to yourself:

The mindfulness method

→ 5 life-changing modules

→ Over 30 video lessons

→ Over 15 guided audio practices

→ On-demand meditation audio library

→ Intuitive workbook

→ BONUS: 12-month On-demand Yoga Class Library (Value $180)

Making Sense of Mindfulness isn’t just an online course

It’s a transformation

Making Sense of Mindfulness is your guide to your true self. So you can live a balanced life with renewed inner peace.
You live an extraordinary life, if only you pay attention to it. With mindfulness, you can.

"It was so rewarding. I feel truly that this course has changed my perceptions and given me a way to access joy and peace whenever I need it."


Hey, I’m Keith!

A certified mindfulness and leadership coach, yoga instructor and best-selling author, I’m passionate about evoking transformational experiences in people all around the world.
When I first started out on my own mindfulness journey, the term “mindfulness” was more of a buzzword than an actual practice. So, I made it my mission to dive deeper and do the research myself.
This adventure had led me to connect with thousands of individuals, through my podcast, columns in Balance magazine, private coaching sessions, keynote speeches and special appearances at organizations like WEDay, Good Life, NBC and many many more.
I’ve made it my life’s work to make the practice of mindfulness approachable and accessible to everyone. I’ve seen mindfulness transform the lives of so many people over the last 20 years, and it’s those transformations that formed the inspiration for my best selling book, Making Sense of Mindfulness.
But I wanted to make it even easier for you to weave mindfulness into your daily lives. So, I’ve taken the fundamental five-principle framework covered in my book and translated it into an intuitive program.
Making Sense of Mindfulness takes a holistic approach, giving you real tools and techniques to bring mindfulness to life.
Your mind has the power. Mindfulness gives you the tools to use it.

"I was amazed at how quickly I was able to focus during the meditation and visualization activities. That has never happened so efficiently for me before!"


Start today

When you join Making Sense of Mindfulness you’ll get instant access to:

5 life-changing mindfulness modules covering the mindfulness method

Over 30 video lessons

→ Over 15 guided audio practices

→ An on-demand meditation audio library

→ An intuitive workbook, to help you put the lessons to practice in your own life

→ Practical exercises and prompts to help you dive deeper into your inner truth

→ Proven strategies to help you see a change from day one

→ Tools and techniques to apply in daily life

→ BONUS: 12-month On-demand Yoga Class Library (Value $180)

Making Sense of Mindfulness is for you if you’ve ever felt like...

...You’re not enough.

...You’re struggling to find balance.

...You’re scared of the unknown.

...You’re stuck in a rut.

...You’re being held back by self-doubt.

...You’re overwhelmed and exhausted.

You asked, I answered

Making Sense of Mindfulness is a self-based program, so you can work through it as you wish. I recommend giving yourself 5-weeks to cover everything.

You need to fill your cup up before you can share it with other people. If we want to care for others, we need to have the best mind, body and spirit that we can be.

I’m honored to be able to connect with you through the My Conscious Community membership program, where you’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything, join regular Q&As and stay connected with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you.

Making Sense of Mindfulness is an incredible way to build a strong foundation of mindfulness in your life, even if you’ve never experienced the practice before. 

At the same time, if you regularly practice mindfulness you’ll still discover new ways to strengthen your practice, grow your awareness and strengthen your spirit.

We’re living in a time where we’re bombarded by noise, cell phones buzzing, to-do lists that never end, and a mounting pressure that suggests we’re never good enough. 

Mindfulness is an antidote to that. It’s a practice that helps us cultivate self-love and tune into our inner wisdom. 

Instead of looking to the outside world for the answers, mindfulness teaches us to go within. When we lead from a place of inner wisdom, the outside world no longer has a hold on us. We find our own strength and resilience. We gain the tools to stay calm, focused, and centered, even in the midst of chaos.

Mindfulness is a practice of paying attention in the present moment with kindness to yourself, other people and the world around you. 

In a world that is filled with noise, distractions, stress, and anxiety, it’s crucial that we learn how to slow down, listen to our inner truth, and build resilience. We must learn how to cultivate inner peace so that we can be of service to the world around us, even in challenging times.

Come home to yourself.

Create a life of meaning through the powerful practice of mindfulness.

5 life-changing mindfulness modules covering the mindfulness method

Over 30 video lessons

→ Over 15 guided audio practices

→ An on-demand meditation audio library

→ An intuitive workbook, to help you put the lessons to practice in your own life

→ Practical exercises and prompts to help you dive deeper into your inner truth

→ Proven strategies to help you see a change from day one

→ Tools and techniques to apply in daily life

→ BONUS: 12-month On-demand Yoga Class Library (Value $180)


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