Raise The Bar

intuition reflection Apr 08, 2019

Writing from 30,000 feet above the Oregon coast while having spent two days studying at a coach camp with author and coach, Robert Holden.

It was a very beautiful weekend full of seeing and being seen for who we truly are. I had a chance to reflect on what my “one big thing” is in life and what is most important to me.

After several exercises and meditation practices, I am reminded that my one big thing to remember is that I am unconditional love. When I remember that I am unconditional love, not only do I feel complete peace within me, but I also see love everywhere I go an in everyone I meet. 

Following the training, I met up with some friends for dinner. On my way out of the hotel, I quickly went to turn off the bathroom light and accidentally knocked my arm against the bar that holds up the towels. The bar dropped to the floor with a loud THUD. 

As I reflected on what the bar dropping to the floor meant to me, I kept hearing an inner whisper say “it’s time to raise the bar". All of a sudden it came clear…AHA! The bar dropped to remind me that all of my past self sabotage, worry, doubt, anxiety, forcing my way through life, is done. I do not have to continue to play small and safe. I literally am being called to raise the bar in my life. No more judging myself or others. No more playing small. No more holding back when my intuition knows what must be said and done.

After a reflection on what it means to raise the bar in my life, this means to stop underestimating my gifts and talents. It means to follow my intuition without question, and it means accepting myself and others as unconditional love without judgement.

I held this intention as I picked the bar up off the ground and re-assembled it on the wall. Sometimes we need the bar to drop, so we can see the illusions that have been holding us back and keeping us in false safety. In these threshold moments, we are called to raise the bar and follow our true north.

This means embodying and remembering unconditional love. Having patience in uncomfortable situations. It means not judging the person next to me for their choices. It means seeing love underneath it all as if that is all that I see. The people around me then become a reminder to be present to my feelings and remind me to simply do the best I can. I raise the bar when I remember this one big thing. Love it all.

In your own way, you are also being called to raise the bar in some way.

What does it mean to raise the bar in your life right now?

Love, Keith


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