Back to Balance: Live Mind-Fully Aware

The transition of going back to school and work can sometimes be challenging in that many of us fall out of balance. Our routines tend to shift during the summer months and we find ourselves eating different kinds of food, going to bed later, and generally disconnecting from the business that tends to dominate our lives during the year.

I find that coaching clients come back to coaching sessions in the fall and are looking for ways to get back into balance and create new, healthy patterns for themselves.

As we fall into the new season before us, I would like to suggest that integrating a mindfulness practice is one of the best foundations we have available to us to navigate these transitional times.

Consider that now is the moment of power. It is the present moment that is alive and real within us. When we race off into patterns of over-thinking about the past or what’s to come in the future, we literally disconnect from our intuitive wisdom that is available to us in the here and NOW!

This month, I would like to invite you to spend a few moments each day connecting with the present moment by refocusing your thinking mind to your inner, intuitive self. To do this, simply pause in the middle of your day, get centered, place a hand on your heart center and ask the wisest part of you (your higher self) the question, “what do you truly want for me right now?”

As you begin to train your conscious mind to simply listen and honour your intuitive wisdom that lives in your heart, you will automatically find yourself in a state of more balance, peace, and clarity on how to best move forward into this new season.

Love, Keith


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