mindfulness online course Mar 13, 2019

I launched an online course on mindfulness this past November. I spent so much time working on it and invested a lot of energy and money into making sure it was put together properly. I truly poured my heart into the project.

As I came to the completion of the project and got ready to launch it to the community, I felt myself becoming more and more anxious. Although I wasn’t full aware of this at the time, I look back and notice that thoughts such as, “what if this fails”, “what if it is not good enough”, “what if not one takes the course” were playing out in my mind. There were a few nights that I could not fall asleep as my thoughts kept me awake well into the night, worrying and stressing about if I had done the right thing, if I would make a return on my investment and so on. To say I was anxious and stressed out would be an understatement. My body was tight and my mind was restless.

When it came time to lunch the initial course, I told my team, we need to recoup the investment and we need “x” amount of sales to make this course a success. Without knowing it, I was operating in fear mode. I was more concerned about making back my initial investment of time and money than intentionally launching the course for the reason of service.

As the sales of the course trickled in, I noticed myself feeling disappointed. It was not the major uptake that I was hoping for. As I felt myself getting more and more discouraged by the outcome, I took this whole scenario to my morning meditation and simply asked for guidance. What came to me was what I would call amazing grace. The messages of, “let go”, “be of service”, “allow”, “trust the flow, it knows where it is going” all came into my consciousness. AHA! In that moment, I realized that I had been forcing the process. I was not allowing the inner grace to guide me, and as a result, I was suffering both internally and externally.

It is humbling as a leader in the field of mindfulness to be reminded time and time again in various ways that I AM NOT MY EGO. Wayne Dyer referred to our EGO as Edging God Out. As I reflect on this launch of the course, I realize that I was trying to do everything myself without inviting in the wisdom of God’s grace. There is a creative source that does not operate in the world of “separate”. It is a source that some refer to as Higher Self, Energy, Budddah, Allah, wisdom. I am referring to it here as God.

At the start of the new year, I made a decision to hire a new CEO for my company and that CEO is God. Over the past two months, I have seen absolute miracles taking place in my personal and business life. Most powerfully, I have been guided to shift into a deeper version of offering the online mindfulness course. Over the next few months, my CEO has directed me offer the opportunity to journey through the online course together in a deeper and more interactive way. We are currently putting together the new framework for this and will be announcing more details in the coming months.

In the meantime, I want to express my gratitude that we are connected on this journey. Thank you for supporting me as I journey into deeper awareness on my path. I hope I am able to offer you the same support for your experience in this life journey. I am reminded that we must allow things to flow in their own way without interference. The Tao writes, “if you want to contain something, you must deliberately let it expand”. May we all remember to allow, let go, and trust that powerful flow. May we further remember to co-create with our inner source, the holy spirit which is connecting all of it together.

Where have you been trying to control the outcome in your life and where will you practice letting go and letting it flow?

Love, Keith


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