Making Sense of Mindfulness Online Course

Join Mindfulness Coach and author, Keith Macpherson in an interactive and immersive learning environment as you explore and experience the five key principles to mindfulness practice. Adapted from his best selling book, Making Sense of Mindfulness, Keith takes you through all five principles of mindfulness practice with videos, guided audio exercises and a workbook to assist you with bringing more balance, focus, and meaning into your life.


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Join Keith Macpherson on this deep journey into the five principles of Making Sense of Mindfulness. Learn how to integrate a mindfulness practice into your daily life. This course consists of videos, many guided audio exercises, and an extensive 30 page workbook. Expect to come away with brand new insights and inspirations as you walk through these powerful principles one step at a time. This training is based around the book, Making Sense of Mindfulness. Do yourself a favour and bring some well-deserved mindfulness practice into your life. 

This training will help you to:

- Successfully integrate a mindfulness practice into your day to day life. 
- Pause in the middle of all your busy-ness and reflect on your life and get clarity and truth about who you are and what is most important to you
Raise your self esteem
- Reach the dreams you 
did not think were possible for yourself. 
- Improve the quality of relationships with yourself and those around you. 
- Get a clearer sense of your life purpose
- Offer you an opportunity to relax, get present, and re-connect to yourself and your intuition. 


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