Opening Your Heart (Free Meditation)

We are all connected through the eternal spirit of oneness. Richard Wagamese reminds us in his book, One Drum, that when we first arrive in this world from our mother’s womb, one of the first things we do is cry. We cry in our longing to be reconnected to that place of oneness from which we originated.

 I believe our life journey on the planet is to reconnect with the oneness we came from and perhaps know it more consciously in a new and deeper way.

 I believe this oneness is unconditional love.

 I was recently inspired to create a new loving kindness metta meditation to re-align with the oneness from which we all came.

 It has been proven that energy flows where your attention goes. What we choose to focus on in our mind, expands.

 All matter in our world is made up of atomic particles. If you break an atom down to its core molecular structure, 99.9999999% is not physical matter, but instead, energy..a.k.a. pure consciousness, oneness.

 When we become truly present in our mind and body through meditation, we become aligned with pure consciousness. In this quantum field of pure consciousness, all possibilities exist.

 What if it was possible in this field of pure potentiality to bring unconditional loving kindness to yourself and the world around you?

 I invite you to join me for this free 15-minute metta meditation (loving kindness) guided practice that may just do that. Join me in an opening of the your heart and connect to the power of loving kindness during these turbulent times.

Click here for the free meditation. 


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