Putting Myself Out There

Where is your “out there?” What are you dreaming about seeing come into fruition in your life? What is it that pulls at your heart strings and is a must happen in your life?

Have you ever noticed that what you are thinking about right now and on a regular basis is shaping what is going to show up in your life? If you are giving all of your energy to a past hurt or unforgiven memory from the past, guess what? This is taking up your present and future energy. Life is too short to not step into the ring and truly take action towards our life purpose. It is time to live the life we have only dreamed about living.

I write this on the eve of making a cold call to a woman I have yet to meet but could potentially play a major role in my life. Tomorrow marks the day that I am going to pick up the phone and finally call Vicki. Vicki is a behind the scenes creator who produced PBS Specials for one of my mentors Wayne Dyer. I watched every single one of these specials and was...

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