What Holds You Back?

In every single person there is an inner critic. A voice that second guesses. We have all had the experience now and then (or for some more often) feelings of doubt and shame for trying to live authentically. I have come to know this voice and feeling as “the saboteur”. This is the name I have given to the inner voice that comes up and tells us that "we are not good enough" or that we will "never get to where we want to go". It is the part of our mind that sabotages us and keeps us trapped in the places of fear, doubt, worry and anxiety. In our world, so many of us struggle because we have become slaves to the saboteur. Many of us don’t even recognize that our saboteur is running the show and making our decisions for us.

It is the saboteur's job to keep us in what it considers “the status quo”. In its opinion it is trying to keep us in what it feels is it’s idea of “Safe”. Unfortunately it ends up sabotaging us because it’s idea...

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