Purchase Bewilderment

This past weekend I was having dinner with some friends and we started talking about astronomy. I have always been interested in this topic as it always amazes me when I look up to the sky on a clear evening and see billions of sparkling stars shining down above my head along with beams of white light streaming down from the moon and lighting up the silhouettes of trees and neighbouring houses in my neighbourhood. What is it that makes up our cosmos? Where do science and spirituality intersect? How is it that we can be in space and actually loose years of our life while it is simply the equivalent to a day experienced on Earth? How is it that we are conscious and experiencing all of these natural miracles unfolding around us? Since having dinner with my friends and talking about the multitude of possibilities that make up our reality, my mind has been filled with amazement. I was reminded of a quote by Rumi that states “sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment”.

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