The Gift of Vulnerability

I recently had a friend ask me how I was doing and I made the decision to share my actual truth with them. I shared that I was struggling with some painful sadness. I had been re-visiting some of the past mistakes that I had made in my life and was working on forgiving myself for them. As I shared this truth I felt my eyes welling up and a slight feeling of embarrassment come over me. My internal dialogue went something like this…”You! Mistakes? You don’t make mistakes! You are not supposed to be sharing this right now! You are being a burden and this is going to make you look like a complete failure”. I felt a heaviness in my chest and a redness wash over my cheeks. I was truly embarrassed for sharing my vulnerable truth.

 Despite all the internal chatter and embarrassment that I was feeling, I was quite surprised to hear the response from my friend, who told me that it was refreshing to hear that I too, make mistakes and am not “perfect”. 

 In that moment I realized that attempting to cover up my imperfections by rarely sharing vulnerable truth was actually doing a disservice to myself and the people around me. By sharing openly and honestly about how I was truly feeling, I offered my friend the opportunity to connect and relate with me. Admitting imperfections may actually be what makes us perfect.

 For it is in my imperfections and fierce courage to be open and truthful that I shine. It is inspiring when I show up truthful, real and vulnerable. I am not claiming that this is an easy way to be in the world but it definitely allows us to live resonant, real, connected and truthful with ourselves and others.

 It is much too easy to dodge the uncomfortable and take the easy way out. In so doing we miss out on the opportunity to connect and be real. It is time to stand in our truth and speak what we are really feeling. My new affirmation these days is “It is perfectly perfect to be imperfect. I Am safe and I am loved for the whole of who I am”.


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