Dear Apple Music...

apple music Jul 05, 2015

This week's blog post is an open letter and challenge that I recently sent to Apple's CEO, Tim Cook. It was really scary to push the "send" button and email this to him and it also feels very edgy for me to post this blog here on this topic. It is always edgy to write and express publicly what you believe because there is the fear of being judged. With that being said, I am sharing this in hopes to have an open discussion on this topic and am really looking forward to hearing your creative thoughts on how we can rejuvenate the current music industry for the artist.  

I want to share this short message with you along with a challenge for Apple Music- in the hopes that you will continue being a leader in rejuvenating our music industry and the artistic creative process. Thank you in advance for considering my challenge and I look forward hearing your thoughts on making the creative process worthwhile for all artists in the...

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