The World Is What You Think It Is

All healing happens within us. It is our own thinking patterns that determine whether we are sick or healthy. Most of us though have been conditioned to believe that some outside source beyond us is in charge of curing our diseases and illness but there has never been nor will there ever be such a remedy to cure our illnesses indefinitely. Yes, there are medications that will give temporary relief or assist us in changing our minds to believe that it is curing us but the real truth is that “the world is what your think it is”. It has been suggested that our body is made up of an extreme collection of thoughts. The thoughts we think about on a regular basis shape the world around us. Thinking is an inside job.

Although thinking is an inside job, the outside world has an extremely significant influence on the way we think. Whether it is advertising on billboards, television commercials or You Tube Ads our minds are constantly bombarded with possibilities of what to think about.

 For the past number of years I have opted out of paying for cable television. I did this very intentionally because I found that television and the commercials being aired were taking up my mental space and influencing my decision-making. I was feeling that I needed to have more money, better clothes and a really hot girlfriend in order to find happiness. I have discovered that this is a complete fallacy. The only way to happiness is going within my own mind and choosing thoughts that support me and what I truly want; not being told from an outside source what it going to make me happy. In my talks and workshops entitled ‘Wake Up and Dream’, I encourage you to go inward and become aware of what you are thinking about on a moment-to-moment basis.  Even right now, I invite you to consider; are the thoughts in your head moving you towards happiness and freedom or are your thoughts currently beating you up and making you feel less than everyone else? Are the thoughts you are choosing to think right now suggesting that you will be sick and illness is just a way of being that we all have to live by or are you choosing thoughts that move you into a place of wellness and health infinitely? If you can even make the slightest shift towards more awareness of the thoughts you are thinking and know that you can change them whenever you choose- you are one step closer to remembering the happiness and love that is already there waiting for you. After all, health and wellness is our natural state.

 Try This: Post a few positive quotes around your living environment. Print them out and put them up! When we surround ourselves with regular reminders of what we want to think about, before too long we step into a new way of being and thinking. You can do it…you can change your old patterns that no longer serve you. Choose health, choose freedom, choose happiness. 


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