My New Music Video Is Here!

I have been holding out on releasing a music video that I made last year with my friend Dave Swiecicki for the song, Forgiven. The song is on my solo album, Shine.

 The video is now ready for your enjoyment!

 Here are a few of my current reflections on forgiveness to accompany the video...

- I am inspired by the Mark Twain, “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heal that crushed it”. 

 - All the pain, mistakes, regrets, and difficult feelings we hold inside from our past, keep us stuck in a cycle of internal suffering. Forgiveness wakes us back up to our eternal, inner light and reminds us that there is only love! 

 - At the core, we are all unconditional love. That is the truth! Love brings up anything unlike itself to clear…

 - Ho’o pono pono in Hawaiian means “to make right more right”. I have spent a lifetime (so far) releasing all the layers of shame, guilt, and fear to make right more right. 

-  It feels good to shed the layers and continue to dust off the fear that has chained me down and kept me in the internal prison of my E.G.O. (Edging God Out). 

 - Please forgive me, I am sorry, thank you, I love you. 

 This is our practice! 

 What does forgiveness mean to you? Please share in the comments below

 Enjoy the new video (and remember to subscribe to my You Tube Page)


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