Connecting To Gratitude

This is the time of year when we start seeing more people going to the gym, lots of new years resolutions being made and many new beginnings taking place. It is also a time of year when we reflect back on the year that has just past and begin to take stock on what we have gained and what we have lost. As 2015 comes to an end I am filled with gratitude for the incredible gift of this life. I feel extremely blessed to be here and conscious of this life taking place within me and around me. I look around and realize that there is so much to celebrate. I want to celebrate the life of Dr. Wayne Dyer and the profound impact he had on our planet. I want to celebrate my family and friends who continue to grow and inspire me everyday. I want to celebrate the new connections I made this year including my new Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Lisa Graham. I also want to celebrate the new I AM festival that my friends, Maurice and Tracy and I have started dreaming up for August 19-21, 2016 on the property in Tuelon, Manitoba featuring some of the most amazing yogis, inspirational speakers and musicians that have crossed my path. 

As you reflect back on the year you have had, no matter whether it was a good one or a challenging one, it is a great time to move into a state of gratitude. I believe we are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience on this planet and our true essence is spirit. As spiritual beings we are eternal. From this place of spirit we are creative, expansive, full of love and grace. There is no separation when we identify with our spiritual nature. The spiritual source which birthed our being into this temporary human body has always been, is now and ever shall be. There is a great wellspring of joy that bubbles up inside of me when I connect to this energetic spirit. When connected to this place of eternal spirit it becomes clear that we are all connected and joined by this source. It becomes easier to forgive those that have harmed us and to truly see everyone and everything as an extension of who we are: The Great Spirit. Whether you decide to name this source “Spirit”, “God”, “Buddah”, “Allah” “Energy” or another name, the important part is to experience it’s presence in your life. From what I have experienced, this spiritual aspect of who we truly are makes all things possible and ensures that our journey through consciousness is unfolding perfectly on time. As this year comes to an end and a new one begins, I invite you to connect to your source of spirit. 

You might be reading this asking how do I do this? It can be a bit daunting to consider connecting to an aspect of yourself that you can’t see with your eyes. This is where faith comes in. Faith is the eyes that see beyond what our human senses can comprehend. In this consciousness, the spirit that you truly are can be best felt by experiencing it’s loving presence and expansion in your life. So with this in mind, I would like to invite you to attempt to connect with it. One of the simplest ways to experience the spirit that you are is to move into a state of gratitude, no matter what. I would like to invite you to make a list of the top ten things that you are most grateful for in your life and feel into the beautiful feelings that fill up your body when you start thinking and feeling into them. One of the easiest ways to connect with your spiritual essence is to feel gratitude. I will share my current top ten list with you here and would love for you to make up your own list and share it with me! Feel free to borrow anything from my list that moves you too! Happy connecting to spirit! I wish you a very happy new year ahead filled with gratitude and deeper connection to your true spiritual self. 

Love, Keith

My Gratitude List:

1. My Family.

2. Hot Baths

3. My Breath and Expanding Yoga Practice. 

4. The ability to write and express.

5. My upcoming trip to Hawaii. 

6. The life of Wayne Dyer. 

7. My work with Manitoba Teacher’s Society and The Balance Program.  

8. Abundance flowing in and out of my life. 

9. Streaming

10. Daily smoothies and healthy food.


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