Working with Mindfulness Keynote

Establishing Effective Mindfulness Practices In The Workplace

According to mindfulness coach and author, Keith Macpherson, mindfulness practice is one of the most effective ways to prevent stress, injury and accidents from occurring in your workplace environment. Mindfulness is one of the most effective ways to counter stress and increase productivity and employee performance. At a time when more injuries are taking place in the workplace due to increased stress, distraction and lack of attention to details, the practical application of mindfulness has never been so integral. During this dynamic keynote presentation and workshop, Keith will reveal a deeper understanding of what mindfulness practice actually is and will offer direct practices and suggestions on how to integrate this way of being into the daily operations of your workplace environment and employees.

Expected Outcomes:

Participants will come away with the following outcomes:

- A deeper understanding of mindfulness practice and how it applies to work/place safety.
- New strategies and suggestions on how to best integrate mindfulness practices into the workplace.
- An opportunity to directly practice mindfulness exercises during the event.
- Awareness on how to prevent injuries and accidents in the workplace.
- An experiential understanding of what it means to be present to the job at hand.
- New awareness on how mindfulness will improve the over all workplace environment.

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