Making Sense of Mindfulness 
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In this time of uncertainty, grow your inner awareness and resilience and discover inner peace.This is an interactive online mindfulness course facilitated by best selling author, Keith Macpherson.

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What is this online mindfulness course all about?

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your awareness on a guided mindfulness journey with best selling author, Keith Macpherson.

This mastermind program will offer you deep insights, inspirations, and opportunity for self reflection. 

Each module of the program will consist of short stories and lectures followed by guided mindfulness practices and visualizations. You will also be given a workbook to record your discoveries along the way. 

This will be an opportunity to grow your inner awareness, find more balance and gain more clarity on where your life is leading you.

Length: Over to six hours of content.

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This is an opportunity to deliberately cultivate inner peace with mindful awareness as the foundation.

What you can expect:

  • Authentic courage, confidence and a greater sense of how to integrate mindfulness into your life.
  • New ways to cope with stress and anxiety in troubling times.
  • Increased positivity, resilience and inner peace. 
  • Motivation, clarity and focus. 
  • A deep understanding of life purpose and how to live it. 

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