My Conscious Life

A Daily Journal for Intentional Living

By Keith Macpherson


Welcome to My Conscious Life Journal

90 Days of Intentional Living

Dream the life you have been imagining and develop the conscious habits to bring it into fruition.

This 90 day journal is designed to help you create a clear sense of direction for your life...

It’s here to help you dream your best dream, and then make it true.

Over the course of 90 days, you will:

  • Achieve new goals and intentions for yourself each month, as you establish accountability with daily check ins. 
  • Develop new habits and patterns to support the development of your mind, body and spirit
  • Move away from self-doubt, and build self confidence. 
  • Cultivate a strong practice of gratitude. 
  • Free yourself from the blocks that have been holding you back from living your life's true purpose

Now is the time to come home to yourself!


My Conscious Life Journal

Become part of a movement towards living an intentional life.

You’ll get...

  • a 90 day journal to guide you towards your true life purpose
  • Daily practices to develop healthy habits and patterns in your life 
  • Proven strategies to help you connect with gratitude
  • Tools and techniques to uncover your goals and intentions for 2021 and beyond
  • Access to free guided meditations to assist you in your journal practice

And more!

What if you could connect to your deeper meaning and start pursuing your dreams?

A three month daily journal created by bestselling mindfulness author and coach, Keith Macpherson. 
Daily mindfulness practice is a proven way to connect intentionally with your life and higher purpose, by bringing your attention to what truly matters and listening to the wisdom of your inner voice.
By making a conscious choice to use this journal daily, you will orchestrate synchronistic harmony between your body, mind and spirit. You will also expand your self awareness by accessing your heart’s guidance and find insights into patterns of thought and behaviour affecting your life.
With meditations, coaching prompts and accountability built right into the journal, you will create your own mindful state of being and stay accountable for living your life on purpose. 
The questions found throughout the journal will move you to a more mindful state, where you can tap into your intuition, explore the quiet, simple guidance of your heart, and wake up to each new day with boundless passion for living a purposeful, empowered, and peaceful life.
This journal accompanies the option to join a live, related online membership community where you can meaningfully connect with like-minded others who are also practicing mindfulness and daily journaling. 

You'll see it when you believe it.
It's time to live your conscious life:

The 90 day My Conscious Life Journal

→ Free guided online meditations

→ Invitation to join


This journal is for you if you're feeling like...

...You’re ready for some big changes this year.

...You want to discover more about yourself.

...You want to create a powerful future.

...You are tired of being stuck in a rut.

...You need motivation and inspiration introduced to your reality.

You asked, I answered

3 months of consistent and focused intention towards your goals and dreams is all your need to begin to transform your life. 

Your journal will have some tips and suggestions to get you track for living your most intentional life. Following that, you will set a monthly manifestation and identify your monthly goals and intentions. Next you will do a daily check in, followed by a weekly wind down. Mid way through the month, you will reflect on how your month has been unfolding and at the end of the month, you will take a bird's eye view of all that you created and celebrate your successes. 

We have lost the art of writing. There is so much power in the practice of intentional journaling, and being a mindfulness coach, I felt that this was a powerful tool to offer those who are wanting to live with more intention and meaning in their lives. 

We are so busy and our lives are bombarded by distractions from the outside world. This journal is a chance to stay connected to your inner self and discover your own truth. 

Not at all! This journal is laid out to help you each step of the way. All you need is an open mind, a pen or pencil, and a few minutes each day. 

Each day you can spend as little as 5 mins a day up to an hour or more, depending on how much you choose to share. 

To support you in your process of journaling and ensure you are accountable for what you are discovering, I have created an online community called My Conscious Community. It is a place to share your ideas, gain new insights, meet other journalers, and also check in with me each month for group coaching and special presentations from other inspiring wellness presenters! To try it out for a free trail visit

(Bonus- Included with your membership is free access to my entire online community network called My Mindful Tribe as well!)

Hey, I’m Keith!

A certified mindfulness and leadership coach, yoga instructor and best-selling author, I’m passionate about evoking transformational experiences in people all around the world.
When I first started out on my own mindfulness journey, the term “mindfulness” was more of a buzzword than an actual practice. So, I made it my mission to dive deeper and do the research myself.
This adventure had led me to connect with thousands of individuals, through my podcast, columns in Balance magazine, private coaching sessions, keynote speeches and special appearances at organizations like, Good Life, NBC and many many more.
I’ve made it my life’s work to make the practice of mindfulness approachable and accessible to everyone. I’ve seen mindfulness transform the lives of so many people over the last 20 years, and it’s those transformations that formed the inspiration for my best selling book, Making Sense of Mindfulness.
But I wanted to make it even easier for you to weave mindfulness into your daily lives. So, I’ve created a daily journal practice for you.
This journal takes a holistic approach, giving you real tools and techniques to bring mindfulness to life.
Your mind has the power. This journal gives you the tools to use it.